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Back fillet with cheese-mush

Back fillet with cheese-mush

Rabbit at Kistücsök Restaurant!


We have been recently in Balatonszemes! We just recommend for you one of the treasures of the calm and familiar countryside the Kistücsök Restaurant with its long and prestigeous history.

At Kistücsök you can find every kind of great gastronomy you imagine. You can taste the best dishes of Somogy country and the wines of 14 traditional Hungarian wine countries.

For those, who nowadays visit the restaurant is a must to tase the next dish which is recommended by Mr. Balázs Csapody the owner of the Kistücsök Restaurant, Winehouse and Winothek.

Rabbit back fillet with garlic-tomato greenbones and cheese-mush

Put the cornbreeze in salty water (7 times so much) on fire. After it gets thick flavour it with exra virgine olive oil.

Infuse the green bones a bit so that is remains crispy. Braise it with the tomato and the light frizzled garlic. Put a few salt and butter to it.

Put salt and pepper to the rabbit fillet and bake it in casserole. Let it stay for 5-7 minutes, during baking the mush in the casserole until it gets crounchy.

Put some poovy sour cream and matured goat cheese on the top. Bake the rabbit fillet for ready in the casserole.

Enjoy your meal!

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