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We are trying to treat our Relax Rabbits as well as possible. This is why we take a lot of care when choosing their nutrients. Our rabbits get hay, carrot and apple in order to supply them with a diet with many natural fibres and vitamins.relax_rabbit

The breeding is monitored by veterinarians to guarantee the health of our rabbits, and we are not using hormone treatments as well as we regulate the usage of antibiotics only to sick members.

The high quality Relax Rabbit meat is the result of our constant monitoring and care. The meat processing and the improvement of the specie (by breeding) are done in modernized sites with Swiss know-how, and according to the IFS regulations.

Every step of the process, from birth until the customers table, is documented in detail from step to step.

The breeders of Relax Rabbit guarantee by their signature that the product meets the highest animal health quality standards.

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